GANT had a launch event on the 29 Nov.  Opening remarks were delivered by Minister for Commerce the Hon. Albert Isola in which he welcomed all to the meeting and gave a brief introduction to HMGoG’s rationale for establishing the association.

The Meeting was then handed over to the Chairperson Designate, David Parody who outlined some of the timescales for getting the Association off the ground.  These are summarised as being;

  • 14th December – Final date for submissions of initial applications for membership
  • 14th December – Final date for nominations for Executive Committee members. In order to  ensure a good representation across all sectors, firms are requested to only nominate one person for Executive Committee.  Nominations should be accompanied by a photograph and a very short bio of the candidate.
  • 16th December – Ballot papers and bios will be distributed for voting of Executive Committee.  Each Body Corporate Applicant will get one ballot paper and will be able to vote for up to 8 candidates.  The ballot paper will indicate which role the candidate has indicated a preference for.
  • 21st December – Closing date for voting of Executive Committee
  • 1st or 2nd week in January.  EGM to be called, draft agenda;
    • Adoption of Constitution
    • Confirmation of Executive Members
    • Consideration of Applications for Membership
    •  Identification of Work Streams
    • AOB

The Chairperson thanked everyone for attending and the meeting then concluded.