Cool Santa wishing you a fantastic Christmas from all of GANT

Lets take this moment to reflect on the successes of the year and the highlights of 2021.

Since the AGM the committee have concentrated on improving its communication with its membership. The team have rebranded and launched the GANT website; Organised well attended socials events in order to create great networking opportunities and a space to discuss all things tech; and set up a WhatsApp group for its members.

GANT have actively been involved in external events such as the Crypto Gibraltar Conference where our chairmen Joey Garcia and Anthony Provasoli were also ask to be part of the panels; and The British Blockchain Association ®️ as a representative for Gibraltar.

This year the GANT training committee were lucky enough to engage wonderful speakers from companies such as CoinfirmNotabene and Sygna. We are in the process in creating more thought provoking training, which will be ready in 2022.

It has been a truly successful and busy year, the committee are working hard to advocate Gibraltar as a jurisdiction which transforms every challenge into opportunity, where we can convert ideas into reality, promoting growth of New Technologies on behalf of our membership.

Once again a thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Association and to you we would like to wish a sincere Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.