As the Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT), we had the privilege of participating in the recent Gibraltar Finance London Events. One of the standout moments of the series was the engaging DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) panel discussion. This session brought together an esteemed group of experts to delve into the intricacies of the regulatory framework within the EU and its potential impact on Gibraltar.

The DLT panel was expertly moderated by Alexander Royle, the Head of Compliance & Regulatory Affairs EMEA at Galaxy. His experience and insights set the stage for a thought-provoking discussion. Joining him were leading authorities in the DLT space:

Dr. Lisa Cameron MP: Dr. Cameron serves as the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Crypto and Digital Assets. Her perspective on digital assets and their legislative implications was highly anticipated.

Emma Joyce: Emma is the CEO and Board Director at GBBC Digital Finance, bringing her wealth of knowledge in the digital finance sector to the table.

Ian Taylor: Ian Taylor, the KPMG Head of Crypto & Digital Assets, is renowned for his expertise in crypto-related matters.

Targ Patience: As the Chairman of GANT (Gibraltar Association for New Technologies), Targ Patience brought a local perspective to the panel.

The panel’s central focus revolved around the regulatory landscape in the European Union and its potential ramifications for Gibraltar. This was particularly relevant given the rapidly evolving nature of DLT and its growing importance in the global financial ecosystem.

The discussions were insightful and multifaceted, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the complex regulatory environment surrounding DLT. The panelists shared their views on how Gibraltar, as a jurisdiction, is positioned in this evolving scenario. The interplay between local and international regulations and the need for collaborative approaches were key themes of the conversation.

As the Chairman of GANT, Targ Patience played a pivotal role in representing Gibraltar’s interests and perspectives. His insights into the local DLT landscape, the strengths of Gibraltar, and the challenges it may face in the changing regulatory environment were invaluable.

The DLT panel at the Gibraltar Finance London Events was a significant opportunity for GANT. GANT has consistently advocated for a robust yet flexible regulatory framework, ensuring that Gibraltar remains an attractive destination for blockchain and DLT businesses. Targ Patience’s participation on the panel was a testament to GANT’s commitment to actively engage with policymakers and industry leaders to shape the future of DLT in Gibraltar.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of these discussions, advocating for a progressive DLT landscape that benefits both our local community and the wider global industry.